[heading type=”h1″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Therapies[/heading]
[heading type=”h2″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Aromatherapy[/heading]Therapies---lymphatic-drainage
[dropcap color=”#444″ size=”42px”]R[/dropcap]estore and rejuvenate your vibrant self, with an aromatic, therapeutic light massage with botanical essential oils, to stimulate the lymphatic system

Our lymphatic systems are the key to anti-aging, beauty and optimum health.  Infused with the healing properties of essential oils, lymphatic drainage massage assists with improving circulation, clearing congestion from our systems, balancing hormones, easing premenstrual syndrome and menopause, easing fatigue, fibromyalgia, insomnia and headaches, treating skin conditions, easing muscle tension and relieving digestive disorders.   A unique blend of oils is selected for your specific needs

Bring energy and vitality into your life. Choose from one of these programs, or call for a consultation

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  • Energy Revitalization (for stress & fatigue)
  • Menstrual Cycle & Hormone Balancing
  • Detox for Vitality (cleansing & supporting the system)
  • Immune Boosting (strengthening the immune system)


[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]$150.00 | 1 session[/heading]

[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]$400.00 | 3 package series[/heading]

[heading type=”h2″ target=”self” italic=”no”]The Beauty Energy Program[/heading]The Beauty Energy program

[dropcap color=”#444″ size=”42px”]R[/dropcap]eclaim your vital Beauty Energy and passion with a wellness program designed for you. We’ll work together to design a program that best suits your needs and goals, integrating three main tools – yoga, energy work and body work

Personal recommendations tailored to your goals & lifestyle

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  • Discover the healing power of yoga through carefully planned asana (yoga postures) and deep relaxation
  • Experience a deep inner awareness and release of old patterns and beliefs through energy work & chakra balancing
  • Breathe easy into nurturing, detoxifying bodywork with beautiful therapeutic essential oils, revitalizing the physical body and relaxing the mind


[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]$175.00 | First session and consultation[/heading]

[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]$650.00 | 5 package series[/heading]

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[heading type=”h2″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Reiki & Integrated Energy Work[/heading][heading type=”h4″ target=”self” italic=”yes”]Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy[/heading]Reiki-Integrated-Energy-Work
[dropcap color=”#444″ size=”42px”]I[/dropcap]magine feeling calm, relaxed, peaceful, and balanced – then bringing this sense of well-being back into your world and being more productive, creative, and effective. This therapy incorporates Reiki, an ancient and sacred healing art that enables a deeply meditative and healing experience for body, mind, and spirit, with intuitive healing, chakra balancing and crystals, creating a truly personalized session. Facilitating movement of energy through the pathways of the body, we’ll support and accelerate the healing process by releasing energetic blocks and restoring balance, allowing for shifts in thought patterns as well as promoting deep emotional releases

Bring a sense of wholeness and renewed joy to your life

[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]$135.00 | 1 session[/heading]

[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]$390.00 | 3 package series[/heading]

[heading type=”h4″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Also … Distance Healing[/heading]

For times when an in-person session may not be available or convenient, distance Reiki healing sessions may be booked

[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]$150.00 | 1 session[/heading]