[heading type=”h1″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Testimonials for Bliss & Michelle Atzenwiler[/heading]
[box type=”warning”]Working with Michelle has been completely transformative and life changing. Michelle has helped me to me to see myself and my life in a new and empowering way and always in a safe, supportive and protective environment. Michelle’s openness, gentle and caring nature perfectly fits the work she does. I am indebted to Michelle for helping to see my true self


Michelle M[/box]

[box type=”warning”]I recently completed a series of three Lymphatic Drainage massages with Michelle. Not only are the massages incredibly relaxing after a stressful week, but they cleared up a stubborn sinus problem that I have struggled with for years.  I had tried many treatments for my sinus headaches and had given up hope for a cure, resigning myself to a life of pain medication.  Since the massages, I am pain free, my sinuses no longer bother me


Kathleen H[/box]

[box type=”warning”]I have been both a Reiki client and a student of Michelle’s.  She is a gifted healer with a strong intuitive sense for how to bring the client to a place of wellness. I also studied Reiki Level I and II with her. She has a lovely teaching style and is always available to answer my questions. Her gentle approach and soothing voice puts you in an altered state where the learning is more easily integrated so that you can develop into your own style and practice with confidence


Janice B[/box]

[box type=”warning”]Michelle is a gifted practitioner who marries a breadth of holistic modalities with a keen sense of intuition. Skill and sense come together beautifully in Michelle’s work. I would highly recommend Michelle, especially for individuals who resonate with the vibrational arts and who could benefit from a powerful version of energy medicine


Gary Diggins[/box]

[box type=”warning”]I recently completed Michelle’s 8 week Chakra Meditation class and found it to be a very enlightening experience.  Although I had a little knowledge of the chakras before taking the class, I learned so much that I am using what I learned in my own practices.  Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and provides a safe and comfortable environment.  Michelle’s calming presence and soothing voice make it easy to enter into a deep meditation for a very profound experience.  I highly recommend this course to anyone.  Thanks Michelle


Claire Hawthorn[/box]

[box type=”warning”]My experiences with your Reiki treatment have been phenomenal – going through a transition has always been difficult for me, but the treatment has allowed me to re-focus on myself and the internal causes for my stress. The treatments, in cooperation with my desire for positive change, helped facilitate a more meaningful understanding of my transition. Your Reiki treatments have been extraordinary experiences!


Jaymie de los Reyes[/box]

[box type=”warning”]As I begin to gracefully age, I realize that I need to take more responsibility for my health. I have always had an interest in alternative healing but was not educated enough so I sought some assistance with Bliss Holistic. I have had several different types of treatments with Bliss Holistic, all determined and carefully selected by my Practitioner, Michelle Atzenwiler. She spent an enormous amount of time prior to treatments, one on one, where she was able to determine my needs and requirements. With my life already overflowing with work and family, I found her extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and non-judging. She guided me towards a well-researched, nutritionally and spiritually sound way of living. Her careful blends of essential oils used in her treatments exerted a strong effect on me as a whole and ultimately impacted my well-being. Along with her gentle aura and inviting, calming sanctuary-like environment, her treatments make one leave revived, recharged and enlightened


Deborah Marandola[/box]

[box type=”warning”]Not truly understanding the deeper meaning of energy work, I began working with Michelle out of curiosity. She has me hooked! Her intuition, calmness and healing touch has made me appreciate the power of energy. With each treatment I learn more about both my inner and physical self. This allows me to relax, rejuvenate and focus on personal growth


Stephanie N[/box]

[box type=”warning”]Thank you so much for being my Reiki Master!  I am very pleased with my decision to receive my attunements from you and I feel honoured to have had the privilege of your thorough instruction and perspectives on Reiki.  Thank you for sharing so openly and completely with me … The verbal and written information you gave me added greatly to my Reiki knowledge and understanding.  Thank  you for the excellent course materials that you prepared … Finally I am grateful for your patience that allowed me the time I needed to learn and practice the new symbols during our time together… Thank you for living what you teach


Wendy Vineyard[/box]