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[heading type=”h2″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Reiki Refresher Workshops[/heading]

The Art of Chakra Balancing
Have you received your Reiki I, II or III/Masters Certification? Feeling like you might need a refresher to get reacquainted and comfortable with it again? Find your path back to Reiki, with a 2-hour refresher course tailored to meet your needs

Course Dates :

[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Group (2+) | $250.00/student[/heading]

[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Private study | $350.00[/heading]

[heading type=”h2″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Energy Basics[/heading]
[heading type=”h4″ target=”self” italic=”yes”]The Art of Chakra Balancing[/heading]
Reiki Refresher
Learn techniques to balance your energy system and work through blockages. Use these techniques on yourself or incorporate them into your Reiki or Energy Medicine practice. During this 2-hour, hands-on class, we’ll experiment with energy and a few different energy medicine /energy balancing techniques

No prior experience necessary, just an open heart and mind

Course Dates :

[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Group | $75.00/student[/heading]


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[heading type=”h2″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Bodylicious[/heading]
[heading type=”h4″ target=”self” italic=”yes”]Aromatherapy Workshops[/heading]
Bodylicious Aromatherapy
Make the perfect little scrumptious body treats. Enjoy an afternoon or evening of homemade herbal formulas for glowing skin and a vibrant sensual self. We’ll experiment using essential oils with intoxicating scents known to ignite the soul and inner passions. You’ll learn how to make your own moisturizing and exfoliating sugar scrub and two nourishing and sensual body oils

All materials included. Please bring your own mixing bowl and spoon for blending.
Pre-registration required

Course Dates :

[heading type=”h3″ target=”self” italic=”no”]Group | $60.00/student[/heading]